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Golden creoles

Isabel Bernard offers a wide range of earrings. Our gold creoles are the perfect sophisticated earrings that give a minimalist chic touch to your look! These earrings can also be perfectly combined with our gold ear studs.


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Golden creoles

Isabel Bernard has a large selection of gold earrings. Our creole earrings are the perfect sophisticated earrings that add a minimalist, chic touch to your look! These earrings can also be perfectly paired with our gold stud earrings.

Creole earrings made of gold have been popular for years among women of all ages. Thanks to their versatility, they look elegant whether you wear them as part of your daily outfit, evening wear or a smart work outfit. Gold creole earrings for women add the finishing touch to any outfit and are a must-have for every woman! The 14-carat gold creole earrings are of high quality, which means they are made to last. If you are looking for elegant and timeless earrings, our creole earrings are an excellent choice!

Creole earrings are ring-shaped, so they are also called hoop earrings. Golden creoles have a chic look to them, which makes them an incredibly popular piece of jewellery. Jewellery made of gold exudes luxury thanks to the elegant and gleaming colour. The gold creole earrings for women are available in different styles, sizes and price categories. Isabel Bernard has an extensive selection, suitable for every elegant woman regardless of style or budget.

In addition to creole earrings, the large collection of gold jewellery at Isabel Bernard also includes:

Golden creole earrings for ladies are definitely suitable as a gift for a loved one or for yourself. They are beautifully finished and easy to pair with other jewellery, so your gifts will always be precious and sophisticated. Pair the creole earrings with an elegant gold bracelet or a ring of 14-carat real gold, for example. Your Isabel Bernard jewellery will always be a memorable gift!

Elegant, feminine and contemporary creole earrings of gold can be found at Isabel Bernard. Our creole earrings give your look just that little bit of extra. Take a look at the complete and sophisticated collection and choose a pair that matches your look - there is no need to wait to complete your look today!

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