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Elegant engagement ring for women

The promise of fidelity and love between two people is always something special and is symbolised by an engagement ring. In Isabel Bernard's collection, you will find the perfect engagement ring for your great love. Whether you are looking for a classic solitaire ring or a more unique design, Isabel Bernard has something for everyone.

Isabel Bernard's engagement rings have beautiful subtle designs that exude classic elegance. All the engagement rings in the collection are made of 14-carat gold. A 14 carat engagement ring is not only beautiful to look at but also lasts a lifetime. An engagement ring from Isabel Bernard is not only a precious item, but also a timeless piece of jewellery that carries a lot of meaning.

In the Isabel Bernard webshop, you will find different types of engagement rings. For example, you will find gold engagement rings but also engagement rings in white gold and rose gold. And what about an engagement ring with diamonds? Get to know Isabel Bernard's engagement ring collection, get inspired and choose your favourite!

The solitaire ring: timeless and elegant

A solitaire ring is a ring consisting of a single stone. This can be, for example, a zirconia stone or a diamond. The meaning of solitaire is literally ''solitary'' and the term is often used to describe a ring designed to draw attention to the single large stone that takes centre stage on the ring. The stone also receives maximum brilliance this way because the rays of light come from all sides this way.

The solitaire engagement ring is a popular choice for those looking for an engagement ring that is timeless and elegant, yet simple and classic. This type of engagement ring is often considered a symbol of love and commitment because the solitaire ring draws attention to the wearer's unique beauty.

This type of ring is also commonly seen in diamond engagement rings. A diamond engagement ring is widely chosen by people looking for a classic engagement ring. Diamonds are of course very popular because of their brilliance, durability and rarity. No woman can resist the brilliance of a diamond.

A diamond engagement ring can have a solitaire stone set in the centre of the ring, or it can be surrounded by smaller diamonds. And how about a diamond ring with an array of diamonds? Such an engagement ring is guaranteed to give you the feeling of luxury! A gold engagement ring with diamonds is a popular choice but a white gold ring with diamonds is also beautiful.

All diamond rings by Isabel Bernard are cut in the brilliant cut which ensures that the diamond reflects a lot of light and has an exceptional brilliance. Whichever diamond engagement ring you choose, this type of ring has a classic, elegant look that is guaranteed to impress and make the wearer shine!

The most beautiful engagement rings

When choosing an engagement ring, it is important to consider the taste and style of the person who will wear the ring. In any case, choosing an engagement ring is a special and meaningful event. Whether it is an engagement ring made of gold, an engagement ring made of white gold or a ring with diamonds, the ring is a symbol of the love and devotion between two people. Isabel Bernard offers a beautiful selection of engagement rings that are perfect for marking this special occasion.

A popular choice is the gold engagement ring for women. Gold is a durable and timeless material that exudes a sense of luxury and elegance. A gold engagement ring is a timeless symbol of love and commitment.

For women, an engagement ring is often an important piece of jewellery that they would like to wear and admire at all times. It is therefore also important to choose an engagement ring that perfectly suits your taste and personal style.

A subtle engagement ring made of gold is therefore almost always a good choice. These engagement rings have an elegant and stylish look and because of the subtle design, they match every outfit and occasion. Even if you plan to add a second ring as a wedding band, you can match this ring fantastically well with it.

White gold engagement rings are also timeless and elegant. The white gold gives these rings a modern and sleek look and is very popular because of their special colour. Because a white gold engagement ring is more neutral than a ring made of, say, yellow gold, this type of ring goes incredibly well with different skin tones and styles.

And what about rose gold engagement rings? These days, this is also a very popular choice. If you choose an engagement ring made of rose gold, then you are choosing an engagement ring with a unique look and romantic charm. The pink hue of rose gold perfectly matches the symbolism of love and passion.

Engagement ring by Isabel Bernard

An engagement ring is a special and meaningful piece of jewellery. It is therefore understandable that people do good research before looking for the most beautiful engagement ring to surprise their partner with.

At Isabel Bernard, there are several beautiful engagement rings available in different designs and price ranges. So you will always find an engagement ring that fits your budget and matches your wishes and personal style.

If you are looking for a beautiful and minimalist engagement ring, you have come to the right place at Isabel Bernard! Order easily and securely the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life. We will pack the ring carefully for you and make sure your gorgeous engagement ring reaches you as soon as possible.

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