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Isabel composes her collection with utmost care. Only the most decadent jewellery and the best materials are good enough. But, to be fair, tastes differ... Therefore, we can understand that there comes a time in which you aren’t satisfied with your new jewellery.

The return of jewellery is possible within 30 days after receipt of your order. Isabel gladly pays for the delivery costs, but, unfortunately, the costs for returning are for your own account.

Returning is simple and works as follows:

  1. Download, print, and fill in the returns and revocation form,
  2. Send your package back to our address and keep the shipping receipt.
  3. After we receive your package we will inform you, and update you in regards to how we will handle your return.

Returns & Revocation form

Download, print, and fill in the returns and revocation form.

Please note: try to complete the form as much as possible, as this will help us process your return as quickly as possible. The quicker, the better. Right? ;)

Send your package back to our address

Once you have filled in the returns and revocation form and added it to your package, send it back to our address with a parcel service of your choice:

Isabel Bernard
Bornholmstraat 86
9723 AZ Groningen
The Netherlands

When you did all of the above, you will receive proof of having it delivered, in the form of a ticket. We recommend you to keep this ticket, just in case! You never know.

After we have received your package

We will notify you by email within five working days after we receive your return. After receiving the returned item, we will assess whether it is still in good condition and whether it is complete. If this is the case, we will immediately proceed to the settlement of the return. Yay!

If the item has been worn and damaged, we will have to charge you for this. These costs are equal to the selling price of the item you paid, or to the amount of the costs we have to incur for having the item repaired. In that case, we will contact you first before we handle your return.

If the product is broken or damaged, we will assess whether this is covered by warranty or not. If a defect under warranty can be repaired, then there are no costs for you as a customer. If the defect is not covered under warranty, we will contact you about the handling.

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