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Find the perfect 14 karat gold ring at Isabel Bernard, minimalist, with a zirconia stone or a statement ring. Combine your favorite gold rings and give your outfit just that little bit of extra.

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Stylish gold ring for women

Isabel Bernard is known for its beautiful collection of gold rings. Whether you are looking for a minimalist gold ring, a gold ring with zirconia, or just a statement ring, you are guaranteed to find the perfect 14 carat gold ring here!

Of course, a gold ring cannot be missing from your jewellery collection. Beautiful gold rings make your hands shine and are the finishing touch to complete your look. At Isabel Bernard you will find a wide collection of minimalist gold rings. These fine gold rings are perfect for a subtle and elegant look.

Only the best materials are good enough for Isabel Bernard, which is why all the gold rings in her collection are made of 14 carat gold. Rings made of 14 carat gold continue to shine through the years and retain their value. With a ring made of 14 carat gold, the special moments in life will stay with you forever. A gold ring is therefore also perfect to give as a gift for a special moment such as an anniversary, celebrating a milestone or a birthday, for example. With a gold ring from Isabel Bernard, you always have the right gift for the right occasion!

If you are looking for a beautiful and high-quality gold ring, Isabel Bernard is the brand for you! With the extensive collection of gold rings, there is a beautiful gold ring for every woman. Get to know the collection and choose your favourite!

Gold rings: timeless and elegant

Gold rings are a timeless and valuable accessory that every woman should have. For a stylish and elegant look, a women's gold ring is an absolute must-have!

Gold rings for women come in different designs and styles. For example, there are beautiful ladies' gold rings with a classic design, but also modern gold rings with a contemporary design. In Isabel Bernard's ring collection, you will find simple gold rings , but also wider rings that stand out a bit more.

Like Isabel, can't get enough of gold rings? Then combine your favourite gold rings and give your look that extra something. For example, you can combine a narrow gold ring with a wide gold ring. Wear your gold rings for women on different fingers and let your hands shine. For example, wear a ring on your ring finger, index finger or even a thumb ring for women. Anything goes and the combinations are endless. Isabel Bernard's stacking rings are perfect for this! By stacking multiple rings, you can mix and match all your favourite women's gold rings.

Want to make a statement with your women's gold ring? Then take a look at Isabel Bernard's gold signet rings. These rings are extremely popular and a gold signet ring should not be missing from your jewellery collection! Make your outfit more personal than ever and choose a signet ring with an initial. Such a gold ring with initials is a real addition to your look and is guaranteed to stand out.

Gold rings also symbolise the mutual promise of marriage. A gold engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of the love and commitment between two people. At Isabel Bernard, you will therefore also find gold rings that can be used as engagement rings. Think, for example, of a gold engagement ring with diamonds or with a sparkling zirconia.

Not a fan of yellow gold but looking for a quality gold ladies ring? No worries! In Isabel Bernard's gold rings collection, you will also find white gold rings and rose gold rings. Especially a white gold ring is much chosen and is the ultimate finishing touch for every woman.

In doubt about your own ring size or that of your loved one? You can very simply measure your own ring size. You can do this by wrapping a piece of string around your finger and cutting it at the point where the string comes together. When you then measure it, you know what ring size you need. At Isabel Bernard, you will find gold rings in the following ring sizes: 48,50,52,54,56,58 and 60.

Add some extra to your everyday outfit with gold rings for women

Want to add a little extra glamour to your outfit? Then gold rings with stones are perfect for you! In Isabel Bernard's rings collection, you will find different types of gold rings with stones such as gold rings with zirconias or with diamonds.

Gold rings with coloured zirconias are a good choice if you love colour. In addition, a gold ring with coloured stone can also carry a beautiful and special meaning. For example, consider a gold ring with blue stone. Blue is known as a calming colour and its combination with gold gives a beautiful look. And how about a gold ring with green stone? Green represents growth and renewal and can evoke a sense of balance. In addition, green is a perfect match with gold. A gold ring with green stone provides all your looks with a chic and classic touch!

And how about a gold ring with diamonds? This is the perfect piece of jewellery for special occasions. Diamonds are very durable and will always retain their beautiful shine and brilliance. In addition, a 14 carat gold ring with diamonds is also a very good investment.

Whether you choose a ring with diamonds or a gold ring with zirconia, at Isabel Bernard there is a suitable gold ring for every taste and style! When buying a gold ring with stones, it is important to make sure that the stone is set properly and that the ring is made of high-quality materials. Only the best materials are good enough for Isabel, so fortunately you don't have to doubt that for a moment here!

Timeless gold rings made of 14 carat gold

A genuine gold ring is not only beautiful to look at, but also has many advantages over other materials. If you are looking for a durable and valuable piece of jewellery, 14k gold rings are the perfect choice!

One of the main advantages of real gold rings is that they are long-lasting and hard-wearing. That way, you can enjoy your 14k gold ring for an extra long time and maybe even pass it on to future generations.

14 carat gold rings also have a higher value than jewellery made of other metals. This is because gold is a valuable and precious material. When you invest in a ring made of real gold, you know you have a valuable piece of jewellery in your hands that will retain its value.

Another advantage of 14 carat gold rings is that they do not discolour. Many jewellery made of other metals can start to discolour over time, but a 14k gold ring does not have this problem. Gold rings that do not discolour are a great choice for ladies looking for durable jewellery that retains its colour and shine over the years.

Gouden ring kopen bij Isabel Bernard

If you are looking for beautiful and extraordinary gold rings, you have come to the right place at Isabel Bernard! What sets Isabel Bernard apart from other brands is the attention to detail and craftsmanship that brings each piece of jewellery to life. Every gold ring is designed and made with love and you can feel it.

Which women's gold ring is your favourite? Then don't wait any longer and order your new gold rings easily, quickly and securely online at Isabel Bernard. We will ensure that your real gold ring is carefully packed and that it reaches you as quickly as possible!

How to clean gold rings

With a polishing cloth especially for gold jewellery, you can properly clean your gold ring. It is also possible to soak your gold ring in lukewarm soapy water. Afterwards, you can gently wipe the ring clean and dry with a clean cloth. Your gold ring will always retain its colour, but it may happen that your ring loses its brilliance. One reason for this may be that your gold rings come into contact with all kinds of objects and products. Therefore, it is important that you continue to maintain your ring properly and to clean your gold ring. Want to know more? Take a look at our maintenance page where we explain exactly how to make your gold jewellery shine again!

Is disinfectant bad for my gold ring?

Disinfectant or disinfectant hand gel cannot damage your gold ring. However, it can make your rings look damaged. This is because the disinfectant creates a layer on your ring that makes it dull and loses its shine. This is easily solved by cleaning the ring properly.

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