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Gold jewellery

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The 14 karat gold jewellery from Isabel Bernard is especially designed for women who love contemporary designs with refined details. Give your jewellery collection a French touch and upgrade your personal style!

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Gold jewellery is incredibly popular! Even though gold is far from the only option for jewellery, for the vast majority, there's nothing like real gold jewellery. That's not so strange, because gold jewellery remains stylish over the years and also retains its value. All jewellery from Isabel Bernard is made of 14-carat gold. Only the best materials are good enough for the elegant and refined woman of today. The gold jewellery is made of high quality and therefore also durable. Real gold jewellery lasts a lifetime, and that's why 14-carat gold jewellery is always a good choice!

Gold Jewellery

If you're looking for beautiful, elegant, and timeless gold jewellery of high quality, then Isabel Bernard is the right place for you! In the assortment, you'll find the most beautiful gold ladies' jewellery for every budget. The collection is incredibly extensive, so there's a suitable piece of gold jewellery for every woman. Whether you're looking for a beautiful gold necklace, an elegant gold bracelet, stylish gold earrings, or a dazzling gold ring, you'll find it all at Isabel Bernard!

When you think of gold jewellery, you usually think of yellow gold. Besides yellow gold jewellery, Isabel Bernard also offers an assortment of rose gold jewellery and white gold jewellery. The difference between yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold is the mix of materials.

What does 585 mean on gold jewellery?

The number 585 found on gold jewellery stands for the amount of gold that is incorporated into the piece. 585 on gold jewellery means that the piece consists of 58.5% pure gold, also referred to as 14-carat gold. The remaining percentage is made up of other metals such as copper or silver to make the piece more durable.

Can you shower with 14-carat gold?

Water does not damage your gold jewellery. However, we recommend you take off your gold jewellery before showering to keep your jewellery beautiful for as long as possible and to enjoy it for an extended period.

Isabel Bernard's Gold Jewellery Collection

As we've already mentioned, the gold jewellery collection from Isabel Bernard is incredibly large. Let's take you through our collection.

Gold Earrings

If there's one type of jewellery you can never have enough of, it's gold earrings. Within the gold jewellery collection of Isabel Bernard, you'll find the most beautiful gold earrings for women. From stud earrings to hoops and from earring sets to drop earrings.

Gold stud earrings for women are a perfect choice if you like subtle and elegant jewellery. Whether you choose minimalist studs or a pair with striking details, you're always right with gold studs! And what about gold hoops? These large gold earrings can be worn very well on their own, but it's also super fun to mix and match them with your favourite gold studs.

If you're looking for gold earrings with a romantic and feminine look, then gold drop earrings are perfect for you. In the collection of Isabel Bernard, you'll find these long gold earrings in various designs from classic to modern. Each piece is designed with love and attention to detail.

Gold Rings

Gold rings are perhaps one of the most popular pieces of jewellery. The 14k gold rings from Isabel Bernard are of high quality and are made with an eye for detail. In the extensive assortment, you'll always find a suitable gold ring, regardless of your wishes and personal style. A gold ring is also perfect to give as a gift to a loved one or to celebrate a milestone, for example. With a gold ring from Isabel Bernard, you always have the right gift for the right occasion! The gold signet ring is another popular choice in the collection. These rings have a classic look and are perfect for anyone looking for a piece of jewellery that stands out.

Gold Bracelets

Gold bracelets for women belong in every jewellery collection. In the collection of Isabel Bernard, you'll find not only gold bracelets but also white gold bracelets and rose gold bracelets. You can get a gold bracelet in many different types and models. There's always a gold bracelet that fits your style and personality.

If you're going for a minimalist look, then the refined bracelets in the collection are a good option. These ladies' gold bracelets can also be combined very well with each other. If you're looking for a gold bracelet that stands out a bit more, a link bracelet might be something for you.

Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces are also incredibly popular. With a gold necklace, you immediately elevate your look to a higher level! Do you choose an elegant, minimalist necklace or rather a statement piece? At Isabel Bernard, you'll find it all!

A real trend is layering gold necklaces. This involves wearing multiple layers of gold necklaces of different lengths. Choose, for example, a minimalist 14-carat gold necklace and combine it with a gold necklace with a pendant or a gold link necklace.

Gold Initial Jewellery

Are you looking for a personal piece of gold jewellery? In the collection of Isabel Bernard, you'll also find beautiful initial jewellery. These gold pieces of jewellery feature the first letter of your own name, that of a loved one, or another letter that has meaning for you. There are also several gold charms included in the collection that allow you to personalise your gold necklace.

Cleaning Gold Jewellery

Because all jewellery from Isabel Bernard is made of 14-carat gold, the pieces remain stylish over the years and retain their value. 14-carat gold is very strong and is therefore often used for making jewellery. Gold jewellery can look less radiant over time. This is because your gold jewellery comes into contact with various objects and products. Therefore, it's important to maintain your gold jewellery well and clean it occasionally. With a polishing cloth for gold jewellery, you can clean your pieces well. You can also soak your gold jewellery in a lukewarm water bath and then gently clean and dry it.

Buying Gold Jewellery at Isabel Bernard

In the online shop of Isabel Bernard, you can easily find your new favourite piece of gold jewellery. You can filter the collection by different types of jewellery, but also by material and price. Order your gold jewellery on a working day before 10 p.m., and it will be delivered the next day. Shipping of your order is free from £50, and payment after delivery is possible. If the jewellery is not to your liking, you can return it free of charge within 30 days! If you have questions or need personal advice, please feel free to contact us.

What does 585 mean on gold jewellery?

The number 585 found on gold jewellery represents the amount of gold incorporated in the jewellery. 585 on gold jewellery means that the jewellery consists of 58.5% pure gold, also referred to as 14 carat gold. The remaining percentage consists of other metals such as copper or silver to make the jewellery more solid. 585 is a widely used alloy in gold jewellery because it offers the perfect balance between strength and beauty.

Why is gold used in jewellery?

Gold has been used in jewellery for centuries because of its unique combination of properties, including beauty, rarity and resistance to tarnishing. Gold has a beautiful, warm colour that goes well with different skin tones and clothing styles and is relatively rare compared to other metals, making it a precious and valuable choice for jewellery. In addition, gold is a precious metal, which means it does not corrode or oxidise. This means gold jewellery retains its luster and beauty for a long time and is relatively easy to maintain.

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