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Isabel Bernard

- Paris, Le 9 avril 2018


'Les grands esprits se rencontrent'

Salut ma chérie, welcome to my golden world. Why did I start a golden lifestyle? I think every woman deserves to wear gold, but without spending a fortune. My goal is to let you experience luxury at prices which are much more affordable with the same good and high standard quality. Luxury happens, and with me for everyone!

My name is Isabel Bernard. I grew up in Paris, known as “the City of Light”. A cosmopolitan city with a vibrant historic city centre, a beautiful riverscape, an extensive range of historic monuments, including cathedrals, chapels and palaces, plus one of the most famous nightlife scenes in the world. Paris is a poem of adjectives and a list of superlatives. Romantic, dynamic, multicultural, an historical monument ¨en plein air¨ and at the same time the emblem of fashion, modernity and style. Paris belongs to everyone. I thank this city every day for shaping me into the person I am today, an independent woman with big dreams and warm heart. The life of a young woman living in a big city can be too hectic at times, which is why I have learned to find beauty in the simplicity of things and enjoy life to the fullest.

My collections are inspired and named after my favorite neighborhoods in Paris. True, you never forget your first love and, for me, it will always be Paris. The gold collection Rivoli owes its name to my favorite street, which I think it could be yours too, after all which woman doesn't like shopping? The Rue Rivoli is certainly one of the main arteries of the French capital and is perfect for a walk through shopping, art and history, here modernity joins the aristocratic touch of the past. Our collection is inspired by these characteristics, unique in its style, for a modern but classy woman.

The gold collection Monceau is named after the park Monceau, which is my peaceful place, where I can give space to my creativity. When I've had a busy day, I always go to take a quiet walk in this beautiful park or I sit on a bench and I let myself be inspired by nature and art. This jewellery collection reflects the elegance, the simplicity and the beauty of this wonderful spot.

I grew up in these two neighborhoods and of course they inspired me for the next two collections Le Marais and Belleville They are both trendy areas of Paris, with very popular art galleries, bookshops and bars. Le Marais gave me the idea of the initials, a personal gift for you or someone you love.

It is often said that you should never challenge a bull. More rings on one hand? Challenge accepted. The stacking rings of the collection Asterope are named after my zodiac sign, the Taurus. This collection reflects the patience but also the stubbornness of my sign. The rings are minimalist in style and therefore perfect for endless combinations.

My collections are mainly for yellow gold lovers but I have not forgotten those who love gold but not in the classic color: La Concorde is in fact a collection for lovers of rose gold and Saint Germain for lovers of white gold. All jewels are always made of 14 karat gold. Live luxuriously.

I think every woman should be proud of herself and that's why I called my latest collection: Honoré. The collection consists of handbags in genuine calfskin leather, shoulder bags, wallets and card holders. One of the accessories of the Honoré collection is the secret ingredient to completely shape your look.

Were you able to find something perfect for you in my collections? Don't forget to share your favorite purchases or accessories via an Instagram story. Share your passion for style and your good taste and don't forget to tag me

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