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At Isabel Bernard, you will find a wide selection of elegant and sophisticated rings for women. The wide selection means there is a women's ring for every style and occasion. Be inspired and find the perfect ring to suit you!

Filtering & Sorting

Elegant and timeless rings for women

At Isabel Bernard you will find an incredibly wide range of rings for women. From minimalist rings to signet rings and from engagement rings to real statement rings, Isabel Bernard has it all! Get to know the collection of women's rings and choose your favourite.

Isabel is known for its beautiful and elegant jewellery. The collection of women's rings is therefore no exception. Isabel Bernard rings are high-quality and available in different types and styles, so there is a suitable ring for every woman. In the Isabel Bernard ring collection, you will find gold rings, white gold rings and rose gold rings. Whatever colour you choose and whatever design you go for, a women's ring is an absolute must-have!

If you are looking for a classic ring with a modern look, the white gold rings in the collection are perfect for you! The designs of these women's rings are timeless and contemporary, making them fit almost any style. A white gold ring is a timeless classic that never goes out of style, making it a real must-have for any jewellery collection.

Rose gold rings are also a popular choice and very popular. Rose gold rings have a unique look and the colour of the rose gold gives the rings a warm and elegant shine. Whether you are looking for a beautiful ring for a special occasion or a casual ladies' ring for everyday use, a rose gold ring will always suit you!

Only the best materials are good enough for Isabel, which is why, like all other jewellery, the rings are made of 14 carat real gold. This ensures that the rings remain beautiful for a lifetime and retain their value. That way, you can enjoy your favourite rings for an extra long time! With a high-quality ring, life's special moments will stay with you forever.

Subtle and minimalistic rings

Minimalist rings are a trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. These rings have a simple and subtle design, without too much frills. Minimalist rings are perfect for ladies looking for beautiful, subtle rings that provide your outfit with just that little bit extra. In addition, these rings will suit almost any outfit or occasion.

If you are looking for a subtle ring, rings with stones are a good option. These rings feature small and subtle stones, giving the ring an extra accent. This can be a ring with zirconias but also, for example, rings with coloured stones. A good example is a ring with a little green stone. The combination of the gold with the colour green creates a luxurious look and provides all your looks with a chic and classic touch!

Narrow or thin rings are also the perfect choice if you are looking for a minimalist ring. These rings have a slim band which makes them look very elegant and subtle. You can also mix and match these rings perfectly for a complete look. In Isabel's collection, you will find various slim rings, with or without sparkling zirconias.

Combining multiple rings is also known as ''ring stacking''. Stacking rings are therefore a popular trend at the moment. The great thing about this trend is that you can combine different types of rings to create a unique look that suits your personal style. Whether you go for simple matching rings or rings that stand out a little more, the combination possibilities are endless. Be creative and combine your favourite rings!

Isabel Bernard's rings

Want to make a statement with your ring? Then take a look at Isabel Bernard's signet rings. These rings are extremely popular and should not be missing from your jewellery collection! In addition, you can make your outfit more personal than ever with these unique rings. At Isabel Bernard you will find signet rings in various designs so that there is always a signet ring that suits you. A signet ring is a real addition to any look and you are guaranteed to stand out with this type of ring. This special ring deserves a place in every woman's jewellery collection.

Looking for a special ring? We've thought of that too! Meet the collection of diamond rings. Isabel's diamond rings are all beautiful and special rings. You can of course buy a diamond ring for yourself, but it can also be a very beautiful and personal gift. These rings are an investment that will last a lifetime and will be cherished forever.

Diamond rings are also often chosen as engagement rings. Still think a diamond ring is just a bit too expensive? No problem! In Isabel's ring collection, you'll also find plenty of other engagement rings. Whether you choose a subtle engagement ring or one with beautiful zirconias, you'll find it all in Isabel Bernard's ring collection!

The most beautiful rings by Isabel Bernard

If you're looking for a beautiful, high-quality ring for women, you've come to the right place at Isabel Bernard! Here you will find a wonderful selection of rings suitable for every occasion and to match every outfit. Whether you are looking for a classic ring for everyday use or a sparkling ring for a special occasion, Isabel Bernard has it all.

Each ring is designed, made and packed with love and you can feel it. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that brings each ring to life adds an extra dimension to the experience of wearing these beautiful women's rings.

Have you been able to find the perfect ring? Then don't wait any longer and order your new ring today. This can be done easily, quickly and safely via the webshop. We will pack your ring carefully and make sure your package reaches you as soon as possible.

On which hand do you wear a ring?

Basically, it doesn't matter which hand or finger you wear a ring on. Especially if you wear several rings at the same time, you can mix and match and wear rings on different fingers. Everything is possible and the combinations are endless!

What is my ring size?

You can very simply measure your own ring size. You can do this by twisting a string around your finger. Make sure not to tighten the string too much and keep it a little loose. Cut the string at the point where it comes together. When you then measure this piece of string, you will know what ring size you need. At Isabel Bernard, you will find rings in the following ring sizes: 48,50,52,54,56,58 and 60.

How do I prevent my ring from spinning?

First of all, it is important to choose the right ring size. If you find that your rings do twist, it may help to choose a ring with a wider surface. This is because some ring shapes such as smooth rings are more prone to twist. It can also help to wear several rings together. That way, the rings are held in place and you prevent them from spinning.

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