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Information about 14 carat gold

All jewellery from Isabel Bernard is made of 14 carat real gold. The jewellery remains stylish throughout the years and retains its value.

Gold jewellery is extremely popular! Even though gold is far from being the only option for jewellery, for the vast majority of people nothing beats real gold jewellery. Want to know more about the composition of gold and different gold colours? Then you've come to the right place! On this page we tell you everything you need to know about gold jewellery.


What is carat and what does it say about your jewellery?
Carat is a term you will come across a lot if you are looking for a piece of gold jewellery. But what does it actually mean? The term carat indicates how much pure gold is incorporated in a piece of gold jewellery.

The height of the carat indicates how much pure gold the jewellery contains. This is indicated in percentages. The remaining percentage of the jewellery consists of other metals, often copper or silver. Gold jewellery is never made entirely of pure gold because pure gold is too soft and vulnerable. By adding other materials the jewellery can be processed better.

9 carat 9 carat contains 33.75% pure gold, marked 375. 9 carat is the perfect intermediate step from silver to gold.
14 carat 14 carat gold contains 58.50% pure gold, indicated by the hallmark 585. 14 carat gold is very strong and therefore longer lasting.
18 carat 18 carat gold contains 75% pure gold and is marked with the quality mark 750. 
24 carat 24 carat gold contains 99.99% pure gold and is marked with the hallmark 999. Contains the highest percentage of pure gold and is therefore very soft.



Jewellery made of 14 carat gold
Although a high carat content sounds positive, it is something that will increase the price of a piece of jewellery. In addition, jewellery made of, for example, 18 or 24 carat gold is a lot softer and more vulnerable, which means it will scratch or even bend more quickly.

Jewellery made of 14 carat gold is most common. This is because this type of gold is stronger and more durable due to the addition of other materials. Also, 14 carat gold is much cheaper than gold of a higher carat because the percentage of pure gold is lower. Jewellery made of 14 carat gold is hard enough to last a lifetime with normal use. The perfect choice if you plan to wear the jewellery a lot!

White gold and rose gold
What about jewellery made of white gold and rose gold? These gold colours are created by adding copper and silver. When copper is added to gold, the gold gets a warmer colour and becomes rose gold. When silver is added to gold, white gold is created. 

At Isabel Bernard the white gold and rose gold jewellery are also made of 14 carat gold and to the remaining percentage of the jewellery copper or silver is added. You will find a wide range of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold jewellery. So whatever you are looking for and whatever your wishes are, you are guaranteed to find your new favourite piece of gold jewellery at Isabel Bernard!

Maintaining gold jewellery
Despite the fact that 14 carat gold jewellery is very strong and durable, it is important that you maintain it properly. Gold jewellery may look less radiant in the course of time. This is because the jewellery comes into contact with all kinds of objects and products. 

With the cleaning set or the polishing cloth from Isabel Bernard you can make your gold jewellery shine again! Read more about how to maintain your 14 carat jewellery and let it shine at all times here.

Gold jewellery for women from Isabel Bernard
At Isabel Bernard you will find high quality gold jewellery for every woman. Refined, elegant and modern. Each detail is stylishly finished. Isabel Bernard has a wide range of 14 carat gold jewellery. Exclusive gold jewellery can be ordered online at Isabel Bernard!

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