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Gold diamond rings

If there's one type of jewellery that absolutely cannot be missing in your jewellery collection, it's gold diamond rings. Check out the dazzling 14 carat diamond rings of Isabel Bernard and get inspired!

Diamond rings have been around for centuries and have many historical values. Yet, this piece of jewellery is mostly appreciated for its beauty, purity and brilliance.

You can buy a golden ring with diamonds for yourself but it can also be a beautiful and personal gift. It's not for nothing that a diamond ring has been a symbol for centuries for a strong bond between the giver and receiver of this piece of jewellery.

For this reason, diamond rings are the most popular rings for the marriage proposal. At Isabel Bernard, you are definitely in the right place to find the perfect ring to immortalise your love.

One of the most popular diamond rings is the solitaire diamond ring. This is a ring with a single diamond in the middle. With this ring, all attention goes to the diamond because there are no extra stones or other elements to distract from the centre stone. Also, the diamond receives maximum brilliance because the light rays come from all sides.

Do you prefer a golden diamond ring that shines through multiple stones? This is also possible at Isabel Bernard. Get to know our extensive collection and choose your favourite 14 carat diamond ring. Whichever diamond ring you choose, the diamonds are beautifully displayed in a yellow gold or white gold ring.

All Isabel Bernard gold diamond rings are cut in the brilliant shape. This cut has 57 facets and that makes sure the diamond reflects a lot of light and has an exceptional brilliance.

It is sometimes said that diamonds are forever and nothing is less true. Diamonds are very durable, rare and retain their value. Besides that, the value of gold keeps rising. This makes these rings a smart investment. 

At Isabel Bernard, you will always receive a certificate when you buy a gold ring with a diamond. In addition, all diamond rings come with a detailed explanation about the specific diamond or diamonds that are set in the ring.

Do you want to take your diamond look to the next level? Then take a look at the other diamond jewellery in the Isabel Bernard diamond collection. Combine your diamond ring with a beautiful diamond necklace or a nice pair of diamond earrings and let yourself shine!

Besides combining your diamond ring with other diamond jewellery, you can also perfectly mix and match your gold ring with other gold rings from Isabel Bernard. Everything is possible!

Have you found the perfect diamond ring? Order via the webshop and let your hands shine with the most beautiful Isabel Bernard diamond rings!

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