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Make your jewellery completely personal with initials! This jewellery is perfect to give as a gift or to provide yourself with a personal touch. The jewellery can also be combined beautifully. Create your own unique and personal piece of jewellery.

Filtering & Sorting

Check out our extensive collection of initial jewellery! These pieces are perfect for gifting or adding a personal touch to your own collection. The jewellery also beautifully complements other gold pieces from Isabel Bernard. Create your own unique and personal look.

Gold initial jewellery

Isabel Bernard's initial jewellery is available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. All the initial pieces are made from 14-carat gold.

What is 14-carat gold?

The carat number in a piece of jewellery indicates how much pure gold is incorporated into the piece. Gold jewellery is never made entirely of pure gold because pure gold is too soft to be fashioned into jewellery. To create a piece of jewellery, other metals, such as copper and silver, are added to the gold.

All gold sold in the Netherlands is at least 14-carat gold. If the gold content is lower, it cannot be called gold. Would you like to know more about gold and carats? Read our information page about gold.

Types of initial jewellery

We have beautiful initial jewellery in all sorts of shapes. You can opt for a bracelet or necklace with a single letter. Since the initials are fixed to the jewellery, you cannot interchange them.

Would you like more letters? Then choose charms. You can easily attach the charms to your jewellery, giving you endless possibilities to customise your piece to your own style and preference.

Another option is to wear two necklaces or bracelets with your initials. Combine a short and a long necklace for a stylish look.

Necklaces with initials

A necklace with initials adds a personal touch to any outfit. Choose your letter or the letter of a friend for a unique and meaningful gift.

Bracelets with initials

The letters on our initial bracelets are 6.0 mm in size. Combined with a bracelet of 1.0 mm thickness, this gives a refined and timeless style.

Engraving initials in jewellery?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service at Isabel Bernard. Ask your local jeweller if they can do this for you.

Have more questions about our jewellery? Check out our frequently asked questions or read our tips for maintaining your jewellery.

Gift a piece of letter jewellery

Gold initial jewellery is perfect for gifting. Give your best friend, your mother, or your daughter a gold necklace with her initials or perhaps even your own letter.

Has your friend just had her baby? Give the new mother a piece of jewellery with the initials of her child. If you opt for a charm with the initial, you can possibly add initials of siblings to the jewellery piece. Anything is possible! Superb to give, but also certainly to receive.

Combining jewellery

The letter jewellery pieces are beautifully combinable. Not only is combining jewellery with a letter fun, but also with all sorts of other jewellery. At Isabel Bernard, you choose from a wide range of gold jewellery. You'll find gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, hoops, and rings to complete your outfit. Due to the subtle design of the jewellery, you can easily combine them with each other.

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