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How to: create the perfect ring stack

How to: create the perfect ring stack

The more rings the better! Stacking rings are the trend of the moment and I am totally into them! In this blog post, I explain to you how to make the perfect ring stack and make your hands sparkle!

What is ring stacking?

Do you have no idea (yet) what ring stacking is? Ring stacking is combining multiple rings. You can do this in different ways. You can wear several rings on one finger, but it is also possible to wear several rings on different fingers. Whatever you do, stacking rings are a trend you can't miss!

Have no idea how to start ''stacking'' rings? I'd love to help you get started! Read below in short steps how you can make the perfect ring stack.

Step 1: Choose a material and colour

To start with, it is important to choose a material. In my case, that is, of course, gold. Then the next question is: what colour will you choose? Will you go for yellow, white or rose gold, for example? Combining several colours is, of course, also possible!

Step 2: Form the base

For the perfect ring stack, it is important to have a good base. As a base, choose minimalistic rings that are a bit narrower or have a flat surface. You can combine these ring styles with almost anything and are therefore a good start for your ring stack.

Step 3: Adding rings

Now that you have a good base, it's time to add to it and customise it! Choose one or more eye-catchers that will make your ring stack personal and unique. For example, choose a ring with one or more zirconia stones or an eye-catching signet ring. Be creative and try out different combinations.

Step 4: Mix and match

When you have all your rings for your perfect ring stack, it's time to start mixing and matching the rings with each other. Wear several rings on one finger or spread them across several fingers. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure the rings on different fingers don't rub against each other. That way, your rings could get scratched, which is of course something you don't want!

Are you already a fan and do you feel like making your own perfect ring stack? Then take a look at my ring collection and get inspired!

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